Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Today We Will Behave Like Decent Human Beings

Today we'll keep a check on our thoughts and make sure they don't run wild the way the Knight of Swords does. If there are decisions to be made, we'll try not to rush them without careful thinking. We will plan in advance, and pause and reflect before we act. We will stay balanced and focused even when we're feeling pressured or restless.

We will assume responsibility for our actions because that's what grownups do. We'll accept that people have differing opinions than us and not force ours upon them (or call them names). We will taste our words before we spit them out because insulting others will only show how weak our own argument is. When tempers flare, we will take a deep breath and count to ten. And we'll step away if we can't calm down or control ourselves.

We will not trample over others to get our way. Or lie and cheat our way towards our intended destination. We know there is enough room for everyone and crushing others to get to the top is selfish. We will be patient where patience is required and slow down when necessary. Because we know that a reasonable pace is more manageable...and much healthier.

We will admit when we're wrong when it's called for. Yes, we can do it. Because we're mature and we are not ruled by our ego. We will not be insensitive or act like a know-it-all! We don’t have all the answers and sometimes the wisest thing to do is to stop talking and listen instead. If we have said things we shouldn't have said, we will apologize and ask how we can right the wrong.

Today, we will not spring forward with reckless abandon. We will behave like decent human beings and think about others. Because the world does not revolve around us. 🔮
. Deck(s) used: Runic Tarot
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  1. That almost sounds like an impossible feat for some of humanity! I totally agree with everything you say though, isn't that just the NORMAL way to live??? :) Love the card! ♥♥

    1. It is the normal way to live, Rain! If only everyone would get on board. The message is sent and hopefully some will receive. Sometimes the cards scold us! ❤️