Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Taking Up A Leadership Position

Ever meet a cat that doesn't think it's a ruler? Funny thing is, they usually do rule. I know that in our home we often ask ourselves who is actually running the household. Because it seems to me that we are "serving" our cats and living in "their" house. But that's not the message I have.

What I want to talk about is the energy of The Emperor, which is all about structure, authority, ambition, strength, leadership, stability and discipline. These are all great qualities, especially when we must be practical, logical and focused on getting the job done in an orderly, efficient and timely manner. But what I believe we need to bear in mind today is that when we are in a leadership position, we should remember that there's a fine line between guiding and dictating. No one likes someone who is overbearing and inflexible.

So... If you are taking up the position of The Emperor, stop being rigid and controlling and ironhanded. You'll probably get better results - not to mention respect - if you're a team player. And if you're dealing with someone who is extremely overbearing, consider speaking up or even moving into an environment that's more adaptive and better suited to you. 🔮
Deck used: Mystical Cats Tarot
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  1. Everything I ever did in my home was for the comfort and convenience of Her Royal Highness the cat.

    1. Of course! We are here to serve them. LOL This is the story of my life, especially with our younger cat, Kazee, who runs the household! HAHA