Saturday, January 8, 2022


I am so in love with this card that I can barely focus on the message I want to share with all of you. It renders me speechless. There is this tender exchange between two beings; one of them being a precious favourite of mine (the polar bear, of course...HAHA). Did you actually think I was going to choose the human? Yeah, I don't think so...

Anyhow, neither one is intimidated by the other. Neither one is afraid. It's a joining of forces. Inner and outer strength in harmony; working together for their highest good. The perfect balance. And each one plays a role for the best outcome. So my advice is this: Pull yourself together! Oops...that's not it. Okay, let's try this again.

Sometimes we need to tap into raw strength, the beast within us, and take a hands-on, commanding approach. Other times we need to connect with that inner fortitude and deal with things from a place of stillness. Sometimes we need to speak to be heard. Sometimes we need to just listen and learn. Sometimes we need to act and sometimes we need to remain idle. The magic happens when we apply just the right amount of energy from either side of strength. You want to be assertive but not aggressive. You want to remain calm but not be a pushover.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that being well-rounded and knowing what type of strength to draw from is the optimum way to handle a situation. It will produce the most positive outcome. 🔮
Deck(s) Used: Runic Tarot
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