Saturday, January 1, 2022

Leave All Worries Behind and Venture On

Today, let the past remain in the past, leave all your worries behind and venture on. Walk your path with peace in your soul and joy in your heart. Look forward to the journey ahead of you and don’t expend energy on what doesn’t serve your higher good. Shed all that is unnecessary and all that creates obstacles, whether it comes from others or from yourself: judgment, uncertainty, shame, insecurity, resentment, doubt, fear, regret, anger, jealousy and, most important of all, criticism. Be proud of who you are and where you are in our life. Open up your heart to new possibilities and the upcoming cycles in life with enthusiasm. Cut out distractions and be very clear about what you want. Dynamic experiences are just up ahead. Head – or dance and sing - towards them with a clear conscience, a feeling of lightness and a rejuvenated soul. 🔮
Deck(s) used: Everyday Witch Tarot
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