Saturday, January 15, 2022


Today we focus on integrity. Are you able to do the right thing even when others aren't? Are you able to maintain your code of ethics even while others compromise theirs? Are you staying true to your path even if you're met with disapproval? Are you fair and impartial even when you're being judged? Do you speak your truth even when you're being lied to? Do your actions align with your words?

It's not always easy to stay committed to your journey when you're surrounded by so many distractions that can easily push you into a ditch. But that's when true strength is put to the test. When we can do the right thing in the face of adversity and when we're surrounded by turmoil, we are connecting with our higher self.

Ego would have you lower your standards to be approved of and accepted by others no matter how shady they may be. Don't do it. Don't compromise yourself. No matter how smart they think they are, what mask they put on to fool others, what excuses they make for their actions, what steps they take to hide their true intentions or how much they pretend to be someone they're not, they can't escape the watchful eye of Justice. Whatever they put out will eventually return to them.

And with that in mind, what would you like to boomerang back to you? Choose wisely. 🔮
(Also, for those who watch the series "Vikings", doesn't this look like Ragnar Lothbrok?)
Deck used: Runic Tarot
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  1. I agree that living with integrity is one of the most important things we can do in life. Also one of the most difficult, of course, because one must withstand tremendous pushback and pressure to give in. Not an easy path, but one that is good for the soul if you can manage it.

    That's an awesome card -- Tyr, the Norse god who sacrificed his right hand to Fenrir the Wolf, so that the other gods could bind Fenrir and stave off Ragnarok (the fall of the gods) for a longer period.

    1. The god of war, law and honour! I just love the Norse mythology I've been learning about lately. It is really fascinating.