Friday, January 7, 2022


I woke up with a tremendous sense of gratitude today. Not that I wake up feeling ungrateful the other days, just that today it was amplified and the first thing that sprung to mind as I got out of bed. This feeling of profound thankfulness brought on very positive emotions and a sense of peace. I felt energized and eager to kickstart my day. I had a spring in my step and my heart felt full. I hummed a tune as I fed my cats and when I was preparing my first coffee of the morning. I felt happy and safe and satisfied.

Acknowledging the goodness in our lives is something we need to do often because life can be challenging and it's easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged and pessimistic. Focusing on something we appreciate brings on positive emotions, improves our health, strengthens our relationships and helps us better deal with adversity.

So... I invite all of you to think of something that you are thankful for and share it in the comments. It can be something tangible or something intangible. Something big or small. Something within or without. And if you can list more than one thing, even better! Here are three simple yet heart hugging things I feel blessed with as I write this: 1) The Grogu mug that my daughter gifted me, 2) All my new divination tools (and knowledge) and 3) Reviving my father's playing cards divination, which is a new spiritual venture. Your turn! 🔮
Deck(s) used: Anne Stokes Unicorn Playing Cards + Seasons of the Witch: Yule + Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot
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