Friday, January 28, 2022

Express Your Feelings - Even Anger

The King of Cups looks upset, so I'm going to share a message about being angry, something everyone feels at some point. I actually wrote this interpretation a long time ago but I'd like to share it again because I feel it's important.

Anger is an emotion (or reaction) that is misunderstood. It's a normal, deeply primal feeling and it has as much value as any other emotion. It can be the fire that's needed to pull us out of a lethargic state or lift us out of a hopeless situation. It can be the fuel that's used to take action and fight for a cause. It can be the trigger that motivates us to set down boundaries and the surge of power required to say no to someone or something that is disempowering us. It can energize, fill us with passion and make us feel alive. There is nothing wrong with experiencing it or expressing it, and it only becomes dangerous when we deny or repress it. If left to build up, it can become a destructive force when it finally erupts. It can make us ill and disrupt our lives.

Honour this emotion and give yourself permission to revel in it, to feel its fire rushing through your veins, to let it out. As long as you express it in a focused, healthy way, don't direct it at anyone else, don't use it to punish or harm others and don't become destructive, expressing it can be very liberating. It is a requisite for optimal health. Stomp your feet, scream into a pillow, take a walk, jog, run, vent to a friend, make some art, write it down, cry, exercise... Find the healthy outlet that will help you deal with your anger. And seek counseling if necessary.

What are you angry about? How can you safely express it? 🔮
Deck(s) Used: The Dark Mansion Tarot + Message From The Guides Transformation Cards
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  1. I agree that anger is often misunderstood. Anger is a signal to ourselves that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. We need to examine and understand our anger and learn from it. Anger is an especially difficult emotion for women because we are socialized to feel that we are wrong or bad if we feel angry. Men are socialized to express anger freely and easily. I read once that, in a patriarchal society, women are free to express every emotion except anger and men are not free to express any emotion except anger. A sweeping generalization, yes, but there's a lot of truth to it nevertheless, I think.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Debra! Anger is indeed a difficult emotion for women. We are conditioned to bottle it up, which eventually leads to depression, while men are encouraged to express it freely. They are even admired for being "assertive" or "strong". I've said it before and I'll say it again: the patriarchy has done so much damage - and continues to do so - that I don't even know when, how or even if we'll get past it.