Friday, December 31, 2021

It's A Day For Magic!

It’s a day for magic! Whether you’re running around taking care of errands, tackling things on your to-do list, cooking up something yummy, conjuring up something mystical, sending out your intentions to the universe, setting up an alter, reading tarot for yourself, reading tarot for someone else, working on something creative, getting breakfast for the kids, brewing some coffee, preparing a pot of herbal tea, casting a spell, lighting some incense, helping a friend, volunteering your time, giving out gifts, getting together with friends, cozying up with a book, walking the dogs, petting the cat, soaking in a warm bath...whatever you are doing...sprinkle it with a little bit of magic.

Immerse yourself in it. Find joy and purpose in these small, every day moments. We don’t always have to be doing something extravagant. Everything we do throughout the day involves some type of skill. All the tools we need to get through the day and succeed at what we’re working on are just as much within us as they are around us. For those who practice magic and divination, you know that no matter what spiritual items you have on your altar, nothing will come to fruition unless it’s fueled from within. Unless there is the power of intent and a hands-on approach, it falls flat.

So, believe you can. And do it. Have a magical day with whatever is keeping you busy at this time. 🔮

Deck(s) Used: Seasons of the Witch: Samhain Oracle + Jack-O'-Lantern Tarot
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Thursday, December 30, 2021

Wrapping Up 2021 and Looking Ahead

It's been quite a year, hasn't it? What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Be A Beacon Of Light

For anyone who has ever hit rock bottom or come close to it, you completely understand how dark a period that is. For anyone who has ever felt lost or broken, you know how hopeless and alone you feel. Every moment of every day someone is struggling somewhere with something. This time of year, in particular, is extremely hard for many.

This is a time to be a beacon of light to those who need it the most. Choose your words carefully. They can inspire but they can also destroy. Be compassionate. That may be exactly what is needed. Don’t judge. You don’t know someone else’s story. Listen. The heart needs to unload its grief. Offer hope. That may be the only thing that will keep someone from going over the edge. Do something that will cast light where it’s needed most. It is a necessary reminder that the sun will rise again. Someone’s life may depend on it. And what better way to honour the holidays than by being an ambassador of kindness to the souls whose journey is paved with difficulties.

Even the smallest act of thoughtfulness and gentleness helps to clear the path and give someone a reason to hold on for another day. 🔮
Deck(s) used: Wheel of the Year Tarot + The Book of Runes + Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle
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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Monthly Chat + Month Ahead Energy Reading: January 2022

I'm back with another chit chat and a reading! Watch and find out what energy is heading our way in the first month of 2022. And please like, share and subscribe if you haven't already. Your support is very much appreciated. My heartfelt gratitude to all of you radiant souls! 🤗💜

A Time To Rejoice

Victory is ours! It’s time to rejoice in all the progress we’ve made, all the obstacles we’ve overcome, all the goals we’ve fulfilled and all the lessons we’ve learned.

Look at us! Standing tall and proud. It hasn’t always been easy but we’ve done it. There were times when we had to push a little harder and there were times when we didn’t want to push at all. There were days when we sprang out of bed and there were days when we struggled to get up.

Today we take pride in all that we’ve faced, fears we’ve defeated and battles we’ve won. Today we celebrate every hurdle we’ve jumped over no matter how many attempts it may have taken. We get so caught up in the daily struggles that we forget to stop for a moment and take a look at where we are. We’ve survived. We’ve grown. We've overcome. And we're still standing.

Here are some questions to ask ourselves: 1) What am I most proud of? 2) What achievement has surprised me the most? And 3) How will you I celebrate?! Here’s to us and to many more achievements! 🔮
Deck(s) Used: The Book of Runes + The Spirit Animal Oracle + Heaven and Earth Tarot
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Monday, December 27, 2021

Carve Your Own Path and Allow Others To Do The Same

I adore the Queen of Swords. She’s not only my favourite queen, she’s also my favourite court card in the tarot. She is independent and intelligent and wise and well-spoken. She expresses herself eloquently and doesn’t hesitate to share her opinion. She is always eager to learn new things and she’s knowledgeable across many topics.

She is the person I want to go to when I need to hear the truth and when I need to be snapped out of a state of living in denial - or delusion. She’s the one whose advice I seek when I need some sense knocked into me. She’s the one that I want to sit down and have lengthy conversations with. She’s the one that will encourage me to march to the beat of my own drum and live life on my own terms. But she’s not for the faint of heart or for someone who cannot handle the truth. If you want to hear lies or to tell lies, don’t hang out with this Queen. She’s a straightshooter and she values honesty and integrity.

As long as she’s balanced, she’s fair and straightforward. But if she’s not balanced, she has a sharp tongue that can cut you down to size. I don’t agree with that approach because once insults start getting hurled around, it demonstrates that there isn’t a solid or intelligent argument to be made. And that there’s no confidence in the stance being taken. A calm and assertive approach is much more influential, and it produces better results.

The things to focus on today as we walk our path are listening, collaboration, negotiation, and the equal exchange of give and take. Do your thing and allow others to do the same. Not everyone thinks the way we think, believes in the things we do, acts the way we act or lives the way we live. And the same way we want to be heard, we must allow others to speak. The same way we want our opinion respected we must respect the opinions of others. Agree to disagree if you must. Put the energy of a balanced Queen of Swords to good use and practice integrity. 🔮
Deck(s) used: StarDragons Oracle + The Modern Way Tarot
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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Is A Day Of Love

From Our Home To Yours

From our home to yours, wishing you all a very joyful and blessed day. 💚🎄🎅🏼⛄❄️

A Day Of Peace and Joy

This is a card that I’m sure we’re all glad to see! I’m always pleased when it shows up, especially after a rough period. The Ten of Cups in the upright position is a positive card and it can represent happy families, healthy relationships, stability, joy, happy endings, fulfillment, abundance, blessings, well-being, caring, creativity...and all that mushy, gooey goodness.

Today we’re standing on a strong foundation and feeling loved. It’s how I’d like to feel every day but life throws curve balls at us from time to time that knock us off our feet. But not today. Today is a great time for harmony and the celebration of overcoming challenges and obstacles. The storm has passed and a rainbow has emerged together with a beautiful blue sky.

Soak in the rays of the sun on this bright and empowering day, and count the blessings in your life. During these moments of bliss, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate how far we’ve come. Don’t waste one moment of this blessed period worrying about loose ends or what tomorrow will bring. Be present. And be at peace. 🔮
Deck(s) Used: Albano-Waite Tarot
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Friday, December 24, 2021

Don't Get Caught Up In The Drama

Feeling a bit ill-tempered, are we? Or are you dealing with a grump? Let’s not get caught up in that type of energy today. Keep your distance from anyone looking to pick a fight. And don’t get defensive over every little thing. You can’t control what other people say but you can refuse to listen to it. You can’t control how others behave but you can control how you do. And you certainly can control how you respond in any situation.

Just because someone tries to drag you into their drama or dysfunctional behaviour doesn’t mean you have to participate. You have a choice. Why not choose to turn your back and walk away? It takes two to tango, as they say, and you don’t have to be a dance partner if you don’t want to. We will always run across stressful situations, difficult people, toxic environments and challenging moments. It’s how we handle them that matters most.

If you are being triggered and you’re unable to stay calm and rational, you might want to start by working on yourself and examining the parts that are tender and raw. Triggers are signals that something inside of us needs further exploration and tending to. Focus on healing old (or even new) wounds, so that you can face these moments with unwavering strength.

Nothing will sway you when you're feeling stable. No one will get a reaction out of you no matter how they behave or what they say when you're feeling good on the inside. We always handle things better when we are in a healthy and peaceful state. 🔮
Deck(s) used: Winter Waite Tarot
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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Tis The Season! The Best Gift Of All

Just sharing the best gift of the season that speaks to my very soul. 🧘🤗💜

Take Off The Blindfold

We might not always like what we see but living in denial is not a good way to live. Just because we pretend something is not there doesn’t mean it isn’t. Just because we tell ourselves that everything is just fine doesn’t make it so. And just because we want something to be a certain way doesn’t mean that it is.

Today we are encouraged to remove the blindfold and take a good, hard look around. When we see what’s going on within us and around us with eyes wide open, it motivates us to take action in areas that need our attention. It may be scary at first viewing our surroundings or our internal status with clarity, but living in the dark doesn’t dispel our fears or assist us in any way. It certainly doesn’t solve our problems. We just pretend they’re not there even though we know they are.

Shake off the stubborn resistance and the unwillingness to face your circumstances. If you don’t want to take immediate action, that’s okay. But at least be honest with yourself. It may be a baby step, but it’s the first and most important one. 🔮
Deck(s) used: Winter Waite Tarot + The Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards
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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Times Of Trouble

Times of trouble... Sometimes our path is bumpy and things get really difficult. Our journey becomes long and strenuous, and we wonder how much more we can handle. We feel beaten down, lost and confused. We believe nobody cares and that there is no help available to us. We feel isolated and we carry our burdens alone. When we are at our lowest, we get consumed by that debilitating energy and our issues. We dwell on what’s going wrong and fail to notice assistance or solutions available to us. That being said, the card on the right is extending a helping hand, an opportunity and possibly a way out. We just need to reach out and grab it. That may require us admitting we have a problem to begin with, which will require us swallowing our pride. We’ll also have to humble ourselves and ask for help. And furthermore, once we do acknowledge we have a problem, we also acknowledge that certain changes need to be made for our situation to improve. It’s certainly a lot of work that may include a tough battle with our ego. But willful change and a shift in perspective is sometimes necessary to pull ourselves out of a troubling situation. It may not be an immediate fix, but once we focus on solutions rather than problems, we begin to see a way out and better days ahead. It’s that first step that’s always the most challenging. 🔮
Deck(s) used: The Book of Runes + Winter Waite Tarot
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Monday, December 20, 2021

Follow Your North Star

What fuels you? What are your dreams? What makes you happy? What skills do you have that make you unique? What would you like to achieve? What is your purpose? We get so caught up in the day to day that we lose sight of what lights our soul on fire. We forget who we are. Day after day, week after week and month after month, we go through the motions without putting much thought into anything else. In essence, we function like robots and begin feeling restless and unfulfilled.
But you know what? We don’t need to just survive. We can have so much more than that. We can meet our obligations and still live a meaningful life. One of the ways I believe that this can be achieved is by breaking free of the expectations and limitations placed upon on us by others. And by those placed upon us by our own inner voice where we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough or capable enough. We also need to step outside our comfort zone and venture into unchartered territory no matter how uncomfortable it makes us or how intimidated we are by it. If we simply continue to do the same things over and over again, we can’t possibly expect different results or anything new to emerge. And sometimes we need to walk away from areas in our life that crush our potential and distinguish our flame.
You have to shake things up and shake some off. We all have a north star, an internal compass that can help us navigate through every stage (from the first flicker of an idea to the ideal life). It is there to guide us towards the life that is meant for us. Follow yours and live with purpose. 🔮
Deck(s) Used: Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle +Winter Waite Tarot
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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Clearing The Path For New Growth and Opportunities

Well, well, well... Here’s my buddy Death showing up again. I’ve no idea how many times this year I’ve seen this card show up in my card pulls as well as in the card pulls of many other people. Seems to be a year of cleaning up, clearing out and clearing away.

This card is starting to feel like those annoying burrs that stick to your clothes when you’re out hiking or walking in the woods. Here I am minding my own business, confident that I’ve de-cluttered enough to stroll along carefree and suddenly -BOOM – Death makes an appearance. (“Yoohoo... Did ya miss me?”) *Sigh*

But despite my grumbling, this is one of my favourite tarot cards. It seems a little daunting, right? But is it really? Toss a few other cards down beside it and suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad. Because when you really think about it, Death is just part of a cleanup crew with one of the most important jobs. It eliminates all the unnecessary and outdated things in our lives. It clears the debris on our path to make room for new growth and opportunities. It opens doors for us to walk through and eliminates what needs to be left behind.

If it didn’t show up now and again, we’d be stuck in a rut, stagnant, prisoners to things that do not serve us well. So really, it’s doing us a favour. It’s trying to help us live in better alignment with our true self and liberate us from things that need an overhaul. Perhaps a little gratitude is in order for this energy with the thankless job. 🔮
Deck(s) used: Earth Magic Oracle Cards + Winter Waite Tarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Friday, December 17, 2021

Nothing Lasts Forever

Arnold H. Glasgow is quoted as saying: “Nothing lasts forever – not even our troubles”. And The Wheel of Fortune agrees with that sentiment as it gets ready to turn and flip the script around.

When we are feeling anxious, stressed, worried and even afraid, we often convince ourselves that it will always be that way. But that simply isn’t true. That situation, that feeling, the problem we are dealing with is not going to be there forever. It’s not going to be our permanent reality no matter how intense our feelings are or how much we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s so.

Everything has an expiration date. Eventually our journey heads in a different direction and the energy around and within us changes. The only thing we can do while we’re dealing with problems is to try and get through them the best we can. And if some added support is necessary, we should not hesitate to reach out for it. We don’t always have to keep it together, especially if we’re not feeling strong enough to. We just need to focus on making it through to the other side.

Just like every storm does, this too will pass. 🔮
Deck(s) Used: Winter Waite Tarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Protect Your Energy

You don't have to make yourself available to everyone. Create (and enforce) boundaries to protect yourself. 💙🧙‍♀️

Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Winter Waite Tarot

This is one of the loveliest set of cards to work with this time of year. It's one of my favourite independently produced decks. I'm sharing a walkthrough of it, some favourite cards and a card at the end with a special message for us. Do you have this? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. Your support is very much appreciated. Love to you all! 🤗💜

Creators: James and Christine at Tarot Collectibles
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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Holidays Can Be A Difficult Time

This is an emotional, sentimental and nostalgic time of year. For some it brings on joyous and positive feelings. For others not so much.

The holidays aren’t candy canes and yule logs and eggnog and reindeer and cranberry sauce and gifts and fluffy snow and family gatherings and cheerful celebrations for everyone. For many people, it’s a difficult, lonely and distressing time. There are strong reactions to the holidays that cover the entire spectrum: from total delight to utter hopelessness. And everything in-between. These feelings can be triggered from past events or existing circumstances. For example, if you have wonderful memories of holidays gone by with people that are no longer in your life, this period can be a reminder of that loss and a heavy weight on the heart. And if you don’t feel like you have people that care about you, seeing others surrounded by loved ones amplifies loneliness.

Because the holidays are seen – and heavily marketed – as a time to be with those we love and cherish and those who love and cherish us, the downtrodden, the isolated, the grieving and the forgotten fall through the cracks.

Please remember to be kind and compassionate. Consider donating money, items or your time and energy to your favourite organization. Think about inviting someone who is alone this time of year to join in your celebration. Isn’t there always room for one more at your table? Or just carry out acts of kindness. Even just being friendly and smiling can help alleviate some of the distress someone may be feeling. Whatever the case, bear in mind that this time of year is not a happy one for all, so open your heart to those who need a kind word or compassionate gesture the most. 🔮
Deck(s) used: The Modern Way Tarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Mystical Moments ("You Are Not Alone")

This is the first of a series of videos where I will share mystical, spiritual and serendipitous moments in my life that encourage me to add magic to this beautiful thing we call life. #mysticalmoments Have you had such experiences? Share in the comments; I love hearing from you. Much love and many blessings to everyone. 💕✨🤗💜

My Tarot Deck Collection (Part 6)

Another round of tarot decks I own and work with. Do you have any of these? Which ones do you like? Which ones don't you like? Share your thoughts in the comments. Much love to all. 💖

You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

Look at this Empress. She’s kicking back and relaxing, and hanging out with her bunny friends. Who doesn’t like that? She has decided to take the day off from her obligations as the ruler that she is and tend to her well-being. Everything and everyone else can wait. She knows that when she’s not at her best, she can’t extend those wonderful nurturing qualities that she has to anyone else.

She’s here today to remind us that we can’t either. When we’ve pushed ourselves to the limit and there’s nothing left to give, we have nothing to offer. Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we push beyond our limits? Push beyond our capabilities? Push until we’re at a breaking point? Push, push, push... Are we worried that we’ll be judged if we don’t push hard enough? That others will think we’re selfish if we don’t sacrifice enough? Do enough? Give enough? Share enough? Who made up all these rules anyway? Who decided that unless we are digging ourselves into a grave, we don’t care enough? And that when we take some time off to focus on our own needs, we are self-centered and cold.

Please stop buying into this crap. Why do you think that when you’re on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else with theirs? Yes, you first, even before children that you may have. That’s because if you run out of oxygen, you won’t be able to help anyone else with their oxygen mask. This is such an important thing to keep in mind. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will burn out physically, mentally and emotionally. And have nothing to offer. You need to replenish your energy reserves in order to be able to care for others. Tell the critics to talk to the hand and don’t pay attention to their judgments.

Focus on you and your needs right now, and get yourself back in good working order. 🔮

Deck(s) Used: Winter Waite Tarot + Self-Care
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Monday, December 13, 2021

There Is Beauty In Silence

A peaceful and magical start to my day.

The Seeds We Plant Need Time To Sprout


It’s difficult not to lose interest in something we’re working on when the results we are hoping for aren’t sprouting fast enough.  But the seeds we plant need time. The mature and majestic trees you see in a forest didn’t grow overnight. As it states in the book from the deck Seasons of the Witch Yule: “Delicate roots had to dig deep into the earth to prepare these massive trees to stand tall for years to come”. A strong foundation needs to be built first before the fruits of our labour emerge. With the necessary resources, proper planning, determination and persistence, success is ours for the taking. So, whether you are working on a project or working on yourself, don’t be discouraged if things are moving slowly or if there are little signs of progress. Your hard work will pay off. You just need to be patient and remain committed to your vision. 🔮

Deck(s) used: Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle +Winter Waite Tarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Be Accountable

The woman in the card looks stern, doesn’t she? She looks like she’d like to give some people a swift kick in the rear. Pay attention because she means business. Don’t pass the buck, she says. Don’t make excuses. Don’t justify what isn’t justifiable. Be fair. Be truthful. Be accountable. Nothing irks her more than individuals who don’t assume responsibility for their actions. Every time something happens, it’s always someone else’s fault. They are always “victims of circumstance” even when they created said circumstances. It’s never poor choices and bad decisions and flawed actions that bring about undesirable results. And hey, we’re human, so that’s par for the course. We all screw up. We mess things up. We all do stupid shit. We all behave less than admirable at times. We are perfectly imperfect. And that’s okay. Mistakes and errors in judgment are often the most valuable, soul-growing lessons of all. But that’s just it. We’re supposed to learn and grow from them. Not blame others and then continue behaving in the same manner. So, Justice shows up to remind us today that we are responsible for our actions. To be accountable. Completely. Or she’s going to start kicking some butts. 🔮

Deck(s) Used: Llewellyn's Classic Tarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Friday, December 10, 2021

The Doldrums

Ah, those doldrums. They show up and knock the enthusiasm out of us, don’t they? This happens to me from time to time, and you know what? I don’t stress myself over it anymore. So what if I don’t feel energetic or inspired or motivated. Big deal if I feel like moping around and feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I don’t like what’s being handed to me at that moment. Maybe I’m tired or annoyed or moody. Maybe I want to sulk and complain. Or perhaps I’m just not ready to tackle a new project or interested in stepping out of my comfort zone. And yes, I totally understand that an opportunity may be lost and that it might not come back again.

But I also know that I will feel better in time and that I will pick myself up and that I will get going again and that something else will eventually come along that I’ll be ready for. That’s when I’ll feel like reaching out to the cup being handed to me and when I’ll want to grab onto the inspirational messages in the card on the left and put them to use. Not a minute before. Not a minute later. I do not force myself to do something that doesn’t feel right. I do not practice toxic positivity where I have to smile and feel great all day, every day. I have crappy days and I don’t apologize for them. I have downhearted days that I don’t feel the need to explain. I allow myself to feel whatever I’m feeling and deal with whatever needs dealing with when I’m feeling strong enough to deal with it.

If you are having that type of day or week or month, it’s okay to sit by the tree with arms crossed, pouting and sighing heavily. You’ve still got oodles of magnificence and splendour in you. You just need a little downtime. 🔮

Deck(s) used: The Archangels and Gemstone Guardians Cards + Winter Waite Tarot
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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Worry Never Gets You Anywhere

 Why not invest your energy in things within your control instead? 💙🧙‍♀️


#spiritualawareness #highervibes #divinationcommunity

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Feed Your Mind Healthy Dialogue

When we’re feeling good on the inside, we can pretty much accomplish anything on the outside. What we say to ourselves is even more important than what others say to us. What a shame it is when we don’t try things simply because we convince ourselves that we’re going to fail. And even if things don’t turn out exactly as we intended, isn’t it always better to try than not try at all? At the very least we’ve learned something new, even valuable, that we can use the next time.

All that being said... In the card on the left, you see that opportunity comes knocking. A gift from the universe is handed to us and we will decide whether we will accept it or not. Will you take it and do something with it? Will you attempt something you’ve been thinking of attempting? Will you finally launch that project or idea? What’s stopping you? Is it fear of failure? Is it negative inner dialogue? Is it lack of confidence? Work on creating a healthier inner dialogue. Change your thoughts from “I can’t” to “I will” and from “I’m not good enough” to “I will do my best”. Whenever a negative or derogatory thought surfaces, say “that’s no true!”. Don’t allow the negative thoughts in your mind discourage you from doing something. Don’t allow them to create obstacles on your path. Don’t allow them to spread like weeds. Don’t allow them to take over your life and limit your potential. If left to grow unrestrained, that is exactly what they do. Step in and keep them at bay. Weed them out.

The mind needs something to think about. Feed it a healthy dialogue and flip the script. Then grab onto the wand with both hands and take action! 🔮

Deck(s) Used: Winter Waite Tarot + The Sacred Self-Care Oracle
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

What Would You Like To Carry Forward?

As the new year approaches, many people begin making resolutions. I’m not one of those people. I haven’t made any resolutions since my 20s. And that was a long time ago, people! A long, long time ago. Back then, I used to create a mental list of things I planned to do and what I wanted to accomplish. I promised to do this, that and the other, and make an assortment of changes that would improve my life or my circumstances. Oh, I had so much ambition about these things at the time. And what came of it? Nothing. I was so overwhelmed by my array of commitments that I spent the next twelve months breaking every resolution or simply doing nothing about them. My intentions were good, and my initial efforts were quite admirable, but as time went by, the enthusiasm diminished and I stopped bothering.

Now that I’m much older and (I certainly try!) wiser, I just think about goals that appeal to me and what I’d like to accomplish. Then throughout the year I do what I can, when I can and if I can. But more importantly than that, I look back on the year I’m leaving behind and examine what I learned and how I’ve grown. I determine what was beneficial and what wasn’t. What was healthy and what was toxic. What was valuable and what was meaningless. From there, I decide what I will take along with me moving forward. How do I want the next 12 months to look? What would I like to pack up and take along with me into the new year? Peace? Love? Harmony? Joy? Compassion? Patience? Tolerance? Understanding? Forgiveness? Acceptance? This is what I do now in my older years. I reflect on the year’s path and select the most valuable things to carry along with me on my journey ahead.

This is a good time for all of us to choose the most soul-benefitting ornaments and decorate the new year with them. What lessons, experiences and growth from this past year would you like to carry forward into the new one? 🔮

Deck(s) used: Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle + Winter Waite Tarot
#tarot #tarotcommunity

Monday, December 6, 2021

There Are Days Like That

Life is not all peaches and cream. It’s not all love and light. And things aren’t always going well. Sometimes our days are difficult, challenging and even depressing. Sometimes things are going very badly and we are on a steep decline. And it’s perfectly okay to feel beaten down, unmotivated, lost, confused, scared and even angry. Because practicing toxic positivity, which is maintaining a permanent state of happiness no matter what, results in the denial, minimization and invalidation of our true physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even financial state. It’s important to feel the feels, to acknowledge our hardships and to be realistic about a situation.

Today we’re invited to see things as they are. To stop running away from the truth, from our authentic feelings and even our authentic self. Today we will stop pretending that everything is okay if it’s not simply because it makes everyone around us more comfortable. We will not run away from negative emotions or ignore our feelings. It’s okay to say that we’re feeling messed up. It’s okay to admit that things are a little screwed up at this time. It’s okay if we don’t have it all together. No one does every minute of every day even if they say they do. Today we will acknowledge what needs taking care of. And we will reach out for help if we have to. We’ll tell someone we’re not okay. Tell someone that life is too much to handle right now. We’ll say it out loud without fear or shame. This is not weakness. It takes courage and strength to do this. Even the strongest of us buckle under the weight at times. And here’s the thing... When we breakdown, we actually have a breakthrough because we finally shed light on where the pain is and begin to heal it. Positivity is great but it should be indulged in when it’s authentic. Pretending everything is fine when it isn’t doesn’t make it fine. And it doesn’t relieve the grief and ache felt in the heart or relieve the confusion or worry in the mind.

So go ahead and share what’s troubling you. Get it out of your system and invite the support you need. 🔮

Deck(s) Used: Seasons of the Witch: Yule Oracle + Everyday Witch Tarot
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