Saturday, June 30, 2018

Faraway Places

When my daughter, Alex (whom some of you know from her blog and/or her Instagram account) was about 7 or 8, she said to me one day:

When I grow up, I’m going to live in New Zealand.”

I was a little taken aback by her comment because of her unusual choice for a destination. How many times do you hear anyone, let alone a young child, tell you they’re interested in living in New Zealand.

Why New Zealand?” I asked.

Because it’s a really beautiful country.” She told me.


As I write this, she is on a plane headed to Vancouver where she will board another flight that will take her to New Zealand where she will spend the next four months as an exchange student. This is one of the most exciting adventures of her young life!

I am not surprised. Alex is – and always has been - an eternal optimist who lives life boldly and passionately and determinedly. She doesn’t just dream about what she wants, she makes it happen. She has an insane amount of energy and puts it all to use. And she never gives up easily on what she pursues. Obstacles are merely challenges to find another way to make something happen.

And so that little girl who announced so many years ago – with abundant confidence - her plan to live in New Zealand is on her way right now to realize that dream.

If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Bodies of Water

Sulis (pronounced SULL-iss) is a Celtic sun goddess who
oversees bodies of water associated with healing.

Ah, those beautiful bodies of water.

The ocean, the sea, a river or lake, a pond or matter what type, these places speak to my very soul. I am always happy and at peace when I’m near these gifts of nature. They are my go-to place for the soul-soothing, stress-relieving, mind-clearing and spirit-renewing that I require from time to time.

What about you?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Your Inner Child

(The text below was borrowed from my other blog.)

I have a confession to make:
I’m not really a grownup. I’m a kid stuck in an adult body; one of life’s cruel jokes.

My inner child is alive and well, which is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Because if it hadn’t, adulthood would have dimmed all that is beautiful and awe-inspiring and wondrous and exciting. I like to giggle and goof around, and I’m married to a man who is the same way. This is fantastic because two goofballs are better than one.

Even though my childhood was over a long time ago, playtime is still going on. I still enjoy simple acts that brought me joy as a child. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face; it’s the little things that make me happy.

Airplanes flying by, the striking colours of a rainbow after a storm, clouds floating in the sky, the vastness of the ocean... I still retain a childlike sense of wonder. This childlike perspective on the world has certainly made this thing we call life that much more amazing. And certainly easier to get through.

So make some time today to lighten up, loosen up and get in touch with your inner child. The part of you that's left after all of life's experiences and responsibilities and burdens are stripped away.

Because a young heart is a joyful heart!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Break Negative Habits

One of my bad habits is picking at my nails. I used to bite them but I quit that many years ago. Now I pick and pick and pick around them until my fingernails look messy. I'm definitely not going to be in those hand commercials!

Another habit I try to work on eliminating is procrastination. I'm guilty of putting off doing what I should be doing. Many times. Sure I get to everything eventually but sometimes I need to give myself a push. Real hard.

And one more is that I sometimes think about the worst case scenario before I think about the best one. Am I being pessimistic or am I preparing myself "just in case". The jury is still out on that one!

How about you? Do you have bad habits?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Be Gentle And Lend A Hand

Lately I've been discouraged and disturbed by things I see in the news. The nastiness some people display and the excuses they make for their bad behaviour is alarming. They hide their bigotry and selfishness behind religion or politics. How does anyone justify indifference or satisfaction at someone else's suffering? How does anyone sleep at night with ice running through their veins?

We are supposed to be a compassionate species. We are supposed to help one another. We are supposed to extend a helping hand to the vulnerable, the downtrodden, the needy, the poor, the sick, the desperate, the homeless, the lost souls, the marginalized, the abused, the hungry, the disadvantaged. When we turn our back on those who need us most, we lose our humanity. Is that who we want to be?

Be gentle. Be kind. Leave behind a legacy of love and compassion. Live by the golden rule.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Communicating Clearly

I do my best to communicate in a direct and honest manner, and I appreciate when others do the same with me. This doesn't mean being rude or arrogant or tactless. It means communicating clearly, so there are no misunderstandings or ill feelings. With thoughtfulness and civility.

It upsets me when I'm sent mixed signals or I'm expected to read someone's mind. And it annoys me to no end when passive aggressive games are played and when manipulative behaviour is involved. I'm an adult and I expect to have adult conversations. Without the drama. Without hidden messages. Without the games.

How do you feel about this?

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Chamomile allows relaxation, replenishes the body, mind and spirit, and promotes sleep.
Jade brings good fortune.
It's important to listen to your body and honour its wishes. If it's sending you signals that all is not well, slow down and relax. Pushing yourself when you're not feeling well or trying to force yourself to keep going when you're worn out and exhausted never leads to anything good. Relax your mind, rest your body and recharge your soul.

Well, I've gotten plenty of much needed rest this week. Getting away from it all and disconnecting from the daily grind has done me a world of good in every way. I will ease my way back into my daily step at a time.

Happy Sunday to all!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Under The Weather

I'm taking the week off. I'll be back next Monday. Comments have been turned off for this post.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Be Present

It's a beautiful, sunny day in my little city. A perfect day to just kick back and relax. I hope you are able to do the same.

Happy Sunday to all!

Friday, June 8, 2018


Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
Essential meanings: “Perspective; objectivity; neutral observation from a distance.”

When you step back and observe instead of jumping right in, you get a clearer idea of what's going on. And you avoid jumping to conclusions or having knee jerk reactions.

As an introvert, this is easy for me to do, especially when I meet new people. I sit quietly and observe, picking up clues from body language and listening to the meanings underneath the words spoken. Remaining silent while listening and watching is a good way to see exactly what's going on.

What about you?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Affirmators! by Suzi Barrett
This is me. Because it certainly makes life a little more interesting!

How about you?

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

What are you angry about?

How can you safely express it?

Everyone feels angry at times. It's a normal, deeply primal feeling and it has as much value as any other emotion. It can be the fire that's needed to pull us out of a lethargic state or lift us out of a hopeless situation. It can be the fuel that's used to take action and fight for a cause. It can be the trigger that motivates us to set down boundaries and the surge of power required to say no to someone or something that is disempowering us. It can energize, fill us with passion and make us feel alive.

There is nothing wrong with experiencing it or expressing it, and it only becomes dangerous when we deny or repress it. If left to build up, it can become a destructive force when it finally erupts. It can make us ill and disrupt our lives.

Honour this emotion and give yourself permission to revel in it, to feel its fire rushing through your veins, to let it out. As long as you express it in a focused, healthy way, don't direct it at anyone else, don't use it to punish or harm others and don't become destructive, expressing it can be very liberating. It is a requisite for optimal health. Stomp your feet, scream into a pillow, take a walk, vent to a friend, make some art, write it down, cry, exercise... Find the healthy outlet that will help you deal with your anger. And seek counseling if necessary.

Happy Sunday!